Learn to Flip for Fast Cash

Starting your own flipping or wholesaling business can be scary. Some of the most common fear based questions I hear are:
  1. “Where do I find the money to get started?”,
  2. “What if I buy the wrong property?” or
  3. “How do I ensure my contractor doesn’t screw me?”

Now, of course, my training will answer those questions and more, but I want you to add another fear based question to your list:

“Would I have massive regret if I allowed my fear to prevent me from investing?”

You see we can be held back by fear or motivated by it. A life of regret is a tough pill to swallow and personally terrifies me. I hope you’re able to harness the power of fear to get you closer to your goals.

In this program, you will learn through all aspects of Flipping and Wholesaling. Some of the topics we discuss will be:
  1. How to analyze on a napkin
  2. Managing contractors
  3. Where to find the right properties
  4. How to compare return on investment
  5. How to fund your investment
  6. How to work with hard money lender
  7. How to work with banks
  8. How to raise money from private investors
  9. Secret tips to finding deals
  10. Who to include on your team
  11. How to negotiate with sellers
  12. How to create a scope of work